Sunday, July 10, 2011

Upcycled GIVENCHY black tote bag

I just found this great Givenchy bag, upcycled but like brand new. And look at the price! I'm not too up on designer bags, but when I looked online most Givenchy bags had prices with four figures! My friend Sandy has some other cute stuff on her Etsy site. Click HERE to see this bag.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Song Bird Eco Wise Summer Tank

My friend Lindsay has listed this really cute summer top. It's very creatively made from a recycled pillowcase, tablecloth and a vintage silky top. So unique and eco-friendly. Click here for more information and to see Lindsay's other creations.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Froggie Hat and Leg Warmers

Oh my goodness! This is just too cute! Since I have a 4 month old grandbaby, this is especially fun. You can get more details by clicking here.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Recycled Silver Fork Bracelet

This is an amazing piece of art, a silver fork made into a heart bracelet! Such a unique design, I fell in love with it. Check it out by clicking here.

Marilyn Peterson

Juan Grande's Famous Gringo Salsa Recipe

Juan Grande is the nickname my husband John (all 6 foot 5 of him) has taken on since he started making this salsa over 30 years ago. With the help of a Mexican friend he learned the basics, then fine-tuned it over the years. It is difficult not to compare when we go to a Mexican restaurant. In most cases they don't come close to this thick yummy salsa that our friends and our children's friends always beg him to make.

It's a pretty simple recipe , a mixture of fresh and store bought ingredients. This one will earn you rave reviews and have your family and guests saying Olé!!!

Click here to buy the recipe!


Edelweiss Flower Charm

As I was browsing through Etsy, I found this really cute Edelweiss Flower charm from AgHalo. Be sure to stop by and checkout her unique selection of sterling silver charms! Click on the picture below or go to

Marilyn Peterson

Welcome to the Classy925 Blog!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my Classy925 blog. I will be featuring some of my favorite items as well as many of the items I make. Please be sure to subscribe to see my newest creations!

Thanks and I'll be seeing you soon!

Marilyn Peterson